Tuesday, November 25, 2008


It seems like everything I write these days has a section titled "introduction." However, unless you enjoy reading scientific literature which my husband calls dry and boring (he is probably right, but don't tell him I said that), you wouldn't want to hear about those articles. This introduction concerns me, and why my blog is named Full of Mischief and Mayhem. Mischief and Mayhem are two cats who rule the tiny apartment in which I currently reside. When I say tiny, I mean closet sized. I can't even fit a full sized couch in here, if I could get it through the window in the first place. What is fabulous about a small apartment is that cleaning requires about 15 minutes a day, twice a week, depending on if I think I am going to get visited by my landlord. Those of you who know me already understand my glee at not having to clean, it has never been my favorite pasttime. But I digress... Mischief is queen here at the apartment, and Mayhem, well, is Mayhem. Literally. I don't need an alarm clock because Mayhem sits next to my ear at 6 am and yowls for food. The only time Mayhem isn't doing something naughty is when she is sleeping, or being used as a tackling dummy by Mischief.

Many of you may be wondering why I live alone in a tiny apartment with two cats when I am married. Well, I have a dog too. Nikka the Weimaraner is at a playdate right now. Nikka's favorite hobby (besides running amuck outside) is standing in the apartment window and barking at squirrels. The squirrels like to tease her by scurrying by the window screen, just out of reach. If the window is closed and Nikka forgets, she gets so frustrated that she bangs her head against the glass attempting to catch it.

About the absent husband: my husband is currently in Iraq, which explains why he isn't here, and in particular why I am, when I have a perfectly good house 3 hours away from here. I am a student here in Albany and commuting really isn't feasable from my house.


Lady Farmer said...

Wecome to the amazing world of Blogland, darling! So glad you joined us! Since we are so far apart, at least I will be able to "see" you from time to time, even if it is just in pictures. I love you so much.
(Stay safe!) :~}

Michele said...

You little stinker! You never told me about your blog! Welcome, welcome to the crazy world of blogheads. I'm enjoying yours very much so far...keep up the good work, and post some pictures quick!