Sunday, March 15, 2009

Reason # 37 why I am glad I don't live in Malaysia

There are certain news headlines that just catch your eyes and you cannot help but investigate further. The one that got my attention today was "Woman mistaken for monkey shot out of tree!" Wow! Apparently, this Malaysian woman was picking fruit in her neighbor's sapodilla tree (yum, I just love a sapodilla every now and then), and had failed to ask her neighbor for permission to do so. He returned home from work, saw the branches "rustling" and assumed it was a monkey. He shot into the tree and heard her screaming and thankfully stopped firing. The woman is now in stable condition at the hospital with a gunshot wound to her abdomen, in case you were wondering.

Now there are several life lessons to be learnt from this sad tale:
1. Always ask for permission before "borrowing" your neighbor's fruit
2. Always identify your target before you fire a gun


3. You can not only climb a sapodilla tree without a ladder, but you can eat its fruit too! (see link below)


Lady Farmer said...

I knew there was a good reason we sent you to school! You are a wealth of information!
Life lessons! Yes, I am learning every day a new one or two! I did already know to ask permission to borrow my neighbor's fruit. I did already learn, from you dear child, that one must always identify ones target before firing a gun. Especially when you are taking in said target to the game warden to show off, and said target is not the lovely elk you thought you shot but some poor farmer's donkey or llama!
I learnt today, again from you, that one can climb a sapodilla tree without a ladder and eat its fruit ~ after however, the seeds are the size of beans and the flesh turns from gum type latex to a lovely pear and brown sugar consistency! Sounds delightful, indeed!
Enough learnin' for one day!
Stay safe!
Love ya,

Lady Farmer said...

Oh, yes ~ what are the first 36 reasons?

Michele said...

The only thing I can think of to say is, "Sing Kookaburra in the old gum tree"...

It's late; I have no witty comments to contribute. =)