Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Looking forward to spring

As I sit with my "tiny" lapdog Nikka lounging on me (what is so bad about 60 lbs of dog when she adores you?), I think that it is time to add another post to my blog, but unfortunately I haven't been out to take pictures lately. It is the time of year when the robins are returning from more exotic locations, the snow is retreating and everything takes on a general mucky shade of brown. Not very picturesque in my opinion. It is at this time I especially miss living in the cool evergreen forests of the northwest coast.

But soon, the tips of each branch of the maple trees that line the streets will start to turn red as the promise of buds appears. The ginkgo trees in the park will sprout small fan-shaped leaflets, and the catawba trees will unfold their huge leaves. Petaled flowers of the crab apple and catkins of willow will spring forth, the warm breeze will sprinkle pollen and sepals to the grass turned a delightful shade of light green. The air will be alive with the calls of birds, from the loud demands of blue jays, trills of warblers, the occasional song of a cardinal, and flashes of color from their feathers will adorn the tree branches that are their refuge. Squirrels will again tease Nikka from beneath the trees, and cause her to chase after them as she forgets momentarily that she is still attached to me with her leash.

Ah spring! I await your pleasant embrace.


Lady Farmer said...

Oh! Is your snow retreating? Our silly robins never left for more exotic locations this year. I think they are sorry now. I miss you living in the cool evergreen forests of the northwest coast!
Your trees sounds handsome, indeed, but not handsome enough to tempt me! Not even your pretty bird calls have any hold on me. Why just last night I was awakened (and Harley terrified so he took off like greased lightening. I have been sleeping in your bed by the way while I am sick.) by your father's lengthy, melodic "Tarzan yell" in his sleep. Now talk about warbling! He never ceases to amaze and amuse me! I got up and went in to see if he was ok. He just chuckled and said, "Yep." and went back to snoring!
And about the figs ~ I think I remember. I don't eat them either!
Stay Safe!
Love you lots!

Michele said...

Can you share some of your bird call recordings on your blog? I would love to hear them. We're looking forward to spring, too!

Tell Nikka, Leroy says, "Yo!"

wawela - that's my word verification for this comment. I like that word. I think I'll make up a definition for it, and use it from now on...