Saturday, February 28, 2009

Living up to her name

About a week ago, I received a very lovely Valentine's gift from my dear husband. He purchased an ipod for me so that I have something to listen to when I am working out indoors. I had been listening to a few songs before going to bed to drown out the cacophony that the kids downstairs call music. I placed the ipod next to my bed (I sleep in a loft so the lamp, books, etc are all placed next to my bed) and woke up in the middle of the night to Mayhem playing with the headphones. I removed the ipod from her possession and promptly went back to sleep. In the morning, I grabbed the ipod without taking a close look at it and went to work. I didn't use it all day and returned home, but as said neighbors were again listening to something that can be most closely described as screeching combined with a single loud bass guitar note , I tried to use it in an attempt to retain my sanity. I then discovered that Mayhem had done more than play with my headphones, she had CHEWED on them. Just enough to almost completely sever one headphone from the wire to which it is attached.

Fortunately for me, there is an apple store in the mall which replaces headphones for free, no matter what has happened to them. I can't wait to tell them who is responsible...


Michele said...

Who wouldn't believe that Mayhem is responsible for whatever Mischief happens to an ipod. =) Love you!


Lady Farmer said...

Oh, clever use of kitty names there Michele!
Shannon ~
Isn't that just like kids!( I am talking about your kitties, not the ones downstairs.)
How great is that, that the headphones can be replaced for 0$!
And that there is a store in the mall.
(What a sweet hubby to get you something even though he said he wouldn't.)
Stay Safe

Roo's Mama said...

What fun to find your blog! I love all the snow pictures. And your clever critters too...