Sunday, February 22, 2009


I also spotted a little friend while walking around Saturday. Nikka desperately wanted to catch him, but he wisely stayed far above our heads in an old snag.


Lady Farmer said...

So beautiful! It seems funny to me to have so much snow and yet the sun is shining brightly.
Wanted to say in the last post, Nikka looks like she is having so much fun. Wish I had that kind of energy!
Stay safe! :~}

Michele said...

Are you buried? Speaking of that, Raegan commented to me about the cemetery in Port Gamble, "This is a wedding, where people get buried." I think she's close...=)


LDH said...

Hello! Traveled here from Lady Farmer Parables. Her blog was one of the very first (and one of my favorites) that I came upon as a new blogger. When I saw your comment I just had to slip by to meet you. Nikka is one very tall, handsome fellow dashing about in all that snow. And... I enjoyed the post about the ills of using Q-tips :)

I really want to tell you just how much I appreciate men like your husband who serve to protect us, and also spouses that are separated from their loved ones for so long. Love and Blessings to you both!

Kindly, ldh