Thursday, February 12, 2009

under the weather

I have been sick with something that is best described as a cross between strep throat and the flu for a few days. I also try very hard to write only funny/cheerful posts on my blog, however tempted I am to discuss things that I find really stupid or irritating. This is why it has been a week since I have written. I can't help but discuss the latest newsworthy item. I have been "captivated" by the story of the woman that had octuplets... which is fine in itself except that she is unmarried, unemployed, and has 6 other children that she supports with student loan money, social security, food stamps and help from her parents. While I agree with her decision to have all 8 babies once she was pregnant, I have a hard time understanding her justification for having her children in the first place, since she had to have fertility treatments in each case, combined with the unmarried, unemployed factors. I honestly believe this woman may have a mental health issue!


Lady Farmer said...

Poor baby girl! I'm so sorry you are ill! Why didn't you call your mother and let me comiserate with you?
Yep! She's a nut case! So is the stupid so called dr. that got her in the position she is in now! He should have to pay for their up-bringing and hospital care they are going to need in the future. She should have the babies taken away. (I am sure they will be.) Grandma and Grandpa are paying their dues having Miss Looney Tunes live with them! I am sure they are raising the first 6 children. What a mess!
As one wise man would say,"She's a pinhead!"

Michele said...

Poor little Shannio! I'm so sorry to hear you are sick! What a trooper you are to continue going to school/work - I would just die!

And I'm with you 100% on this woman with FOURTEEN children. I hope and pray that they can find a good example of parenthood, and not continue in those footsteps. Who knows? Maybe someone like the Duggars will adopt them and then - what a legacy!

Lady Farmer said...

And yet again ~
Stay safe :~}