Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dangerous behavior

After a particularily stressful day, I like to sit back and relax with my laptop and read weird news stories. One of the gems from today's gleaning: Apparently consumer reports took a survey of "risky behavior" with products and I was a little amused to discover that I could be considered a rebel (usually without a cause). For example, apparently 3 out of 4 Americans put Q-tips in their ears to clean out wax, which may lead to perforated ear drums. I am guilty of this one, because I actually like hearing what is going on around me! In addition 4 out of 10 people eat raw cookie dough, at the risk of catching salmonella. Please tell me what is the point of making cookie dough if you aren't going to eat some of it (or all of it) deliciously raw. Yum. I think I need to make some tonight. Also, I fail to have a rubber mat in my shower... I hope I am capable of remaining upright in the shower at my age. I do however have a carbon monoxide detector, through no effort of my own; my apartment came with it. And I do not drink beer while using power tools! Snort. Natural selection at work? I also wear a bike helmet, not because I think my riding skills are poor, but because other people's driving skills ARE. And I do try to wear sunscreen, but sometimes I forget and everybody needs a little vitamin D now and then.
I am really surprised that nobody surveyed how often individuals drive with their knees, own a tarantula, eat day old sushi, and do back flips on a trampoline... activities that I consider much more dangerous than simply cleaning ears with Q-tips.


Michele said...

Your brain works in mysterious ways! I'm "snorting" while reading this right now, with Raegan on my knee wondering what is so funny. She's only interested in the pictures of your pets. =)

Lady Farmer said...

Oh Shannon!
I am just catching up on blogs after a near death experience with the flu! Reading your blog is a sure fire way to make one feel better! Except now I feel nauseaus from laughing too much!
Love you,

Lady Farmer said...

I forgot ~
Stay Safe :~}